Dreams by: Jay Mage


My eyes have seen

Fields from the dreams

That make me feel alright

Through the darkest night

Will you meet me there? 

Under pale autumn moonlight

Blue eyed stare

And how, will I get there?

When I donít even know

Which way these stairs lead

Iíll search you out

So long and deep into the night

The darkness trails

Lingers on, and blotting out the light

But Iíll see you still

Youíll warm my growing chill

Marching through the night I found

Another tale the nightingale

Had left behind

All that seems is evident

The consequence that ever sends 

Its long lost chime

Once you know, youíll never be so

But Iíve known you, and Iíll never let go

Timeís past, has been, flowing down stream

To meet its weary end, and come back again

Will you find me there?

Under cool calming waterís midnight lair