Times Before by: Jay Mage


Looking back on all these times before
When wed say wed go and search for more
The time has come to feel these winds of change
Though the path was lit, it was still filled with strange


All that we had known
You had been who told
You had been so hot
I had been so cold


Tell a tale of hope and youll open doors
Make the whole world smile and beg for more
Lift your hands up and youll reach the sky
But to let your soul go free - youll have to learn to fly


And in my heart
You had been the light
I wore my disguise
You held the surprise


Staring forward through the eyes of time
Its a surprise delight
You know its to another way
To you    -    my love
(I will meet you on the sun
Well have fun and take it away)
To you    -    my love
Who I adore
Who could ask for more?
What would be in store my love
Well rise above