Sunny New Day Street by: Jay Mage

You looked so splendid              

I looked into your eyes I felt a smile

But then what happened?

I thought that we were going for a while

You couldnít take away, things you thought

Weíd wait to say, and save for a rainy day

Before you go, thereís one thing you should know

The sun is up, the day is new

Itís waiting here for me and you   

I wonder, will it stay, a little more

We walked along, this killing floor

Iíll wait for you, some hours more

Then it all came down on me

I hope you found the door

And Iím wondering   

Which way to change...

The day will come, the day will go

I feel it in my soul

A sudden rush, a sudden cool

About to lose control - a little more

Weíll find our place weíll make it nice

Our own little paradise

Iíll feel your touch and youíll feel mine

Wouldnít it be nice - what we devise

And Iím wondering which way to change...

I said youíll miss me rolling                                 

Out there íneath the stars, of your sweet love                        

I want you to know, I could be calling after but

Iím crawling after you


Would you believe, there were answers but          
Weíre always dancing around                      
Question it seems, always asking          
For a bit of dancing with you                       
The woman you need - gonna give in, wanna give in now              
You see, itís been so long, it feels like youíve been gone                      
I donít know now, my heart sings it out loud                 

Oh we miss you, oh we miss you, oh we miss, yeah we do          

In one sweet dream
Gonna give in to love and
See what we can find