I Know My Baby by: Jay Mage

I know my baby, that her love may save me
And seems that lately, the eyes see so plainly
In my dark mind, I find a light
Youíll shine so bright         
Iíll take the skyway to you babe
And try to be brave     

My lovely lady, she wonít try to break me
And call me crazy, she wonít cry, she wonít make me
And in her warm arms, I know Iím gone
Not for so long, youíll call me back and
Iíll see hazy, but I wonít be as lazy

You know my baby, you drive me crazy
Your loveís not faking, your heartís for the taking
And in my warm arms, youíll find no harm          
Love that lasts so long, may your love be mine
My old lady, your heart so amazing