I Don稚 Mind by: Jay Mage


I woke this morning by the side of the road

Singing I don稚 mind the growing cold

Wake me baby in an hour or two

When I thought I was dreaming and without you I was blue

Come on baby lets go off to the side

We値l go down the trail & we値l skip cross the pond

In the singing waters it would be nice

With the water so cool and the warmth of desire

All because, never did hear it or feel before

When we fly away with the sun and the moon

We値l tell our stories as we travel along 

As we climb to the top, we値l sing the world our new song

To feel the fire, yes to feel so alive

Leads me to your blue eyes

Where I will try to survive

On for miles, skies of velvety lace

Set our dreams to the air and

Together we値l chase them

In the evening when the sun痴 sinking low

We can welcome the stars

I will pull you so close to me