Across the Sun by: Jay Mage


He’s not the only one
Coming back from the battle ‘cross the sun
Why don’t you come along
We’ll meet him and we’ll have him sing a song
Buttoned top - the letter broke - he couldn’t speak he was no joke
He was just the only one to know
What was all this happened for, he could relate it to the story
That I heard some evenings just ago
And I wouldn’t go wandering, no my love

And back on sunny days
Around the stream a fire had been made
This leather’s warm, it had no ends
Could relay to tell your friends I’d try
In the middle of the night
A candelabra starts alight
There was someone waiting by the door
What’s the riddle all about
Children wanton sing and shout
They think they had found it when they’re born
And I wouldn’t go wandering, no my love